Spring Trends: The Rules

Posted on January 31st, 2011

It’s fair to say that we’re more than averagely obsessed with fashion but the New Season can strike fear into the keenest style slave.

Thanks be, then, for a list from which we can pick and choose our favourite trends. Harper’s Bazaar has come up with a comprehensive and friendly list, so if you’re sitting comfortably at your desk, these are the highlights:

1. Mix menswear suiting into a soft, loose look.
2. High shoes = strappy stilettos.
3. Highlight an outfit with neon.
4. Keep it soft with feminine bows and romantic detailing.
5. Hair = middle partings.
6. Cheer up with bright and breezy stripes.
7. Stick to minimal shapes.
8. Beauty = pillar box red lips.
9. Sample fabulous florals and classic denim .
10. Jewellery = statement pendants.
11. Love your lace seperates.
12. Trust a trench coat to keep you dry and on-trend.

via Spring Trends 2011 – Biggest Trends for Spring 2011 – Harper’s BAZAAR.

The Casall Sports Bra – Protecting our Assets

Posted on January 31st, 2011

Our friends at Casall sportswear produce the best multi sports bra we’ve found to date and we hang on their every word when it comes to keeping our chests in peak condition. The team there have put down on paper five very good reasons why we should all be investing in a Casall sports bra.

1. Your breast are held in place by a series of fine ligaments. Without the right support, strain on the breast ligaments will cause them to stretch. Once stretched, there is no going back.
2. When you train without a sports bra your breasts are free to move sideways, in and out and up and down, by as much as 20 centimetres.
3. With an ordinary bra, breast movement is reduced by only around 35%, while a sports bra reduces movement by more than 70%.
4. Tops with inbuilt bras do not provide any direct support and are only suitable for low impact training such as yoga or pilates.
5. Sports bras lose their elasticity over time. Just like training shoes, they need to be changed regularly.

Au Revoir Jack LaLanne

Posted on January 30th, 2011

Without Jack LaLanne, who has died aged 96, we would be a whole lot less healthy than we are now. The fitness guru who preached a gospel of raw vegetables and clean living progressed from an unhealthy adolescence to become the father of the international physical fitness movement.

“I was psychotic with sugar… But I got off it, became a strict vegetarian, started juicing, taking brewer’s yeast, going to the YMCA.” Within a year he had become his school’s star athlete and, aged 19, won a contest for the World’s Best Built Man.

During the 1930s LaLanne opened in Oakland one of the world’s first health clubs (consisting of a gym, juice bar and health food store). To advertise his new venture, he started working out with weights in public at Santa Monica’s Muscle Beach, where the Works Progress Administration had erected a wooden platform for that purpose. A health and marketing legend was born.

LaLanne continued to work out for two hours a day into his 90s and adhered to a strict diet, of which one of the less repellent elements was a liquid breakfast of carrot juice, celery juice, fruit, egg whites and soyabean. It’s a religion with me,” he explained in 1999. “Billy Graham was for the hereafter. I’m for the here and now.”

And so he was, until this week. The best advertisement for his life-changing ideas.

via Jack LaLanne – Telegraph.

Stop Press… Get Goop

Posted on January 27th, 2011

If you don’t already subscribe to Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog, we urge you to have a look. Goop has lots to recommend it but going on a shopping trip with Gwynie is spot on every time. Here she notes her French pharmacy basics. Follow the link at the bottom for the list:

Many of the absolute best beauty products I’ve found come from regular French pharmacies. I always stock up on these items when I’m in France or ask friends to bring some back when they’re passing through. Below is a list of all of my favorites.

via GOOP Newsletter – GET – The French Pharmacy.

Haute Couture Yoga Clothing for Women?

Posted on January 27th, 2011

That’s right, Chanel has just invented the Couture legging, not mention the couture jean. When it came to the rarified world of Parisian Haute Couture, where the simplest dress costs $20,000, one thing was usually guaranteed; dressing down was not an option. But this month’s Spring couture shows, showing this week, have already thrown a few curve balls to the glamorous crowds attending them. None curvier than the sight of leggings on the catwalk at Chanel.

For a start Madmoiselle Chanel herself abhorred the notion of garments such as jeans. Leggings hadn’t been invented by the time she died on 1971 but if she found jeans too casual our beloved leggings would have horrified her. In the UK, yoga clothing for women is becoming more gorgeous every season but expect a boost in the leggings area now Chanel has entered the fray with spangled and embroidered ones.

A side note here; Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s majordomo also sent his models down the catwalk in pancake-flat shoes. ‘I was sick of all those Eiffel Towers’, he said, referring to the scary heights women’s shoes have reached over the last couple of months. Now, if you’re looking for some gorgeous flats, have you seen our new Butterfly Twists?

Stop Press… What a personal trainer really thinks

Posted on January 26th, 2011

If you haven’t enjoyed the services of one you may have seen one coaxing a client around a track or gym. This is an amusing and slightly despairing message from a personal trainer to his clients (us). For the rest of this piece follow the links:

“You say you want to overhaul your life, and that this time the New Year’s resolution is going to stick. You want to be fitter, trimmer and happier, and you think all you need to do is turn up for sessions three times a week.

There’s so much more to it. I don’t want to stamp on your dreams, but at some point I must come clean. I can’t fix you. I’m not a qualified therapist and know nothing about corporate finance. I can only help you feel better about yourself. And I’ve told you 100 times that five glasses of wine rather negates the effect of sessions. (Yes, I can smell it on your breath.)”

via What I’m really thinking: The personal trainer | Life and style | The Guardian.

Sunseeker Swimwear Alert

Posted on January 26th, 2011

Is it all those pictures of celebrities cavorting across the Caribbean that makes our thoughts turn to swimwear? Maybe, but it’s certainly true that now is the time to be snaffle the best Sunseeker swimwear – even as the thermometer struggles to achieve double figures. Why Sunseeker? It’s the best in our opinion.

Sunseeker has been creating great beach wear since 1970 and was one of the first to introduce separates to the swimwear scene. In 1973 Sunseeker started to design its own fabrics – which where the expertise for creating fabrics that feel like a second skin come in. On top of that Sunseeker bikini fans reckon the fit is better than the competitors, especially when it comes to finding a top with a bra fit.

This year is no exception. The fabulous florals are back and Sunseeker have created a range of bikini separates to fit and flatter every body shape. They have started to arrive at Lovestretch Towers so keep an eye out for the best beach wear we could find you.

Stop Press… Bazaar’s Oscar Predictions

Posted on January 25th, 2011

… That’s the gowns, of course. Follow the link here to see the ones they’re watching:

There are two reasons that designers feature floor-length gowns in their show’s finale season after season — magazine covers and the red carpet. Where else can one wear a fully-sequined, plunging, backless gown appropriately? And with awards season upon us, we’re looking to a few of our favorite couturiers for Spring 2011 gowns that will guarantee us something to write about.

via Gown Predictions: Our Spring 2011 Red-Carpet Wish List – Harper’s BAZAAR.

Tutti Fruity

Posted on January 23rd, 2011

We love the flourishes that polish off a Lovestretch look. Tutti & Co. have been providing more than a few great ones over the last couple of months. Next up is the new season collection which fuses the Tutti rock star look with feminine  touches such as dainty charms and hearts. Check out the collection over the next couple of weeks for some great everyday pieces and stand-out glamour.

Stop Press… The Ultimate Fitness App

Posted on January 23rd, 2011

With over 8,000 health and fitness apps on the market, trawling through them to find the perfect one for you can be more tiresome than the workout itself… I feel a drum roll coming on because after a bit investigation and a lot of sweating, I’ve found one that fits the bill! The Nike Training Club app, or NTC for short, has more than 60 routines, user-friendly features like how-to videos and a virtual trainer who coaches you through the entire session. It’s like having a PT in your pocket – and it’s free.

via Found: The Ultimate Fitness App – Zest Blog – Zest.